5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Jerusalem

Jerusalem, the city of gold, the heart of Israel, and one of the country’s most visited cities by explorers and travelers alike. Bustling with the sounds of enthusiastic visitors, the gorgeous city sits at the epicenter of the world, inspiring millions with its vibrancy of life, a colorful history, and diverse culture. From traditional foods meshed with Middle Eastern flavors and the modern delight of antiquated architecture, Jerusalem is bursting with light, radiating a unique culture all of her own. So, check out these five reasons why people fall in love with Jerusalem!

 1. Jerusalem’s Awe-Inspiring and Dynamic History

Jerusalem is an ancient city with an exuberant and lavish history. And, of all the places there are to see, nothing beats the pomp and brilliance of the Old City of Jerusalem. Her Ottoman walls surround years of history and holy sites, nestled on the edge of the city as the modern light rail line wraps around her western gates. 

Setting her mark on the world, the majestic Old City of Jerusalem has received prestigious honors, including praises as a UNESCO World Heritage site with 220 historic monuments. For that feeling of a blast from the past, visit the Old City of Jerusalem. It will leave you with an experience you will never forget. From history to art and culture, museums also paint the vibrant colors of Jerusalem’s ancient past.  

 2. An Unmatched Diversity of Global Cultures

Jerusalem is a melting pot of different cultures from across the globe. A thriving city with an array of extraordinary holiday festivities, eclectic cuisines, and spiritual significance. From film festivals, arts and culture boutiques, and national holidays, Jerusalem is always hosting and welcoming those willing to join with her in celebrating her multicultural beauty. There’s no where in the world that brings the colors of global cultures together in such a setting. 

3. Hungry? Check Out these Delicious Foods

For fresh foods of every color and kind, trek on down to the Machane Yehuda market, or ‘the shuk’, in Jerusalem. It is the perfect place for finding every kind of fresh fruit and vegetable, halva, cheese, meats, and wine, as shop owners amicably greet you in the open-air market. 

Trendy and tiny cafes and bistros pop up among the vegetable stands, serving an assortment of Israeli dishes. Israeli cuisine ranges from mixes of Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and European foods brought with people as they returned back home. 

Yet, there are not enough words to describe the array of flavors even in a single dish in Jerusalem, you simply need to visit and taste them for yourself. Jerusalem is also home to the finest wine from the Judean Hills – one of the oldest wine-growing regions in Israel and the entire world. 

4. The World’s Friendliest People

Perhaps hard to believe, but even better than the amazing foods of Jerusalem, is the bubbly and friendly disposition of the people of Jerusalem. Jerusalemites regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation will be the first to sit down at a cafe and have an open conversation with you or invite you into their shops for a cup of tea, making you feel right at home. Jerusalem has never met a stranger!   

5. Endless Gems to Discover - A traveler’s Dream

Jerusalem is the gateway to the majesty of Israel. She provides easy access to numerous other must-see locations in Israel that draw millions of excited visitors from the East, West, North and South. She is your starting point. You can go west to Tel Aviv and eventually north to Haifa, to enjoy the sunny beaches of the Mediterranean. Or, you can easily travel to Ein Gedi, and Masada for a bit of history and healing in the Dead Sea. If you are in for a long vacation exploring the country, Jerusalem is the perfect place to start. 

These are just 5 of many reasons to love Jerusalem. Visit and discover why so many people are deeply in love with Jerusalem! She will leave her imprint on your heart, and sleeve!