A journey that fashions

Jerusalem Touch is a clothing and accessory brand bridging fashion with the beauty of an ancient and contemporary capital, a modern artifact that expresses your connection to Jerusalem where you never stop feeling the touch of this city, allowing you to wear Jerusalem on your heart and your sleeve.

The inspiration for Jerusalem Touch derives from Jerusalem herself. She is a city of gold, merging her rich heritage and glorious past with modern style. Her urban charm filled with culture-forging art, trendy music, and lively poetry blended with colorful traditions, unique mosaics, pathways, and rolling landscapes continues to reveal her hidden gems and magnificent beauty that touch both heart and soul.

We invite you to embark on a journey of fashion, enabling you to outwardly show your love for this ancient capital with a modern flair.

Impact Jerusalem

JT allows you to link products with the people of Jerusalem as 10% of all proceeds support local non-profit organizations as it seeks to invest in the next generation of Jerusalemites!

Peace to all who love Jerusalem!